Script For Wealth is my personal blog about financial planning and wealth management.  I have learned and continue to learn about personal and professional interests via QUALITY blog content and authors.  I intend to contribute valuable content through Script For Wealth and will share others’ articles as well.

The word ‘Script’ has special meaning to me.  My parents owned two independent pharmacies in Carol Stream and Hanover Park, Illinois for 25 years.  I went from being the baby on the pharmacist’s back to accounting for cash and delivering prescriptions (scripts) to nursing homes.  Providing professional services is ingrained in me.  However; instead of writing scripts for medicine like my father, I offer scripts for growing, protecting, and distributing wealth.

Script is also defined as ‘something written’.  As a Financial Planner at Moller Financial Services, I understand that the Financial Plan is the important, central document for important decisions and recommendations for investment, tax, insurance, and estate planning.  All of these areas are intertwined and come together in the written Financial Plan – the script.  But the most important piece of the Financial Plan is up to you – what do you want to accomplish and what keeps you up at night.

Finally, Script means ‘to write’.  Writing is what this blog is for.  Writing helps me organize my own thoughts and narrow them down to the important concepts.  By writing and continuing to write, I expect to provide more thoughtful, concise, and better delivered service to my readers and clients.

I hope you enjoy my contribution to the blogosphere and learn as much as I have.

If there is one truism for everyone looking for Financial Planning and Wealth Management advice, it is this: a script for one individual may not be right for you.  Any decision you make should be made in the context of your own personal financial plan and oftentimes with the help of your trusted advisor.

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